Updated Nov 3 2022

Our COVID policy

As much as we're told COVID is over, the reality is that it is not. People are still falling ill with COVID and we want to reduce the risk to both you and our speakers as much as we can.

This document is a work in progress, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have to improve this policy.

  1. We politely request that all attendees who have access to a lateral flow, please do a test within 24 hours of the conference and ask anyone who is showing signs of COVID to please stay at home.
  2. Wearing a mask is not mandatory (at time of writing) but are encouraged and welcomed.
  3. Disposable high grade face masks will be available near the entrance of our event venue.
  4. Sanitiser gel dispensers will be made available.
  5. If you wish to practise social distancing during the event, badges will be provided on the day so others know to respect your space.

Some comments about our venues

The main event is run from Duke of York's Picturehouse, which has a small(ish) reception area, but a large main venue space (normally used for projecting movies) with high ceilings. The rear doors will be opened during the breaks (if the weather isn't very cold) to air the venue.

The social is held at Oh So Social on the sea front, this venue is much smaller with low ceilings and generally the doors and windows are closed. If it's not raining (and not too cold), there is a large outdoor area where drinks and food can be consumed.

Please also see our Venue Accessibility pages for extra information about our venue.

If you wish to get in touch during the event with issues relating to your safety or comfort, please find a team member wearing an FFConf t-shirt and we'll be happy to help.