Tweets we like 11 Nov 2023

Heading home after a wonderful #ffconf. It was great to meet so many web friends in real life, and see some inspiring talks. Buzzing with ideas now! Thank you @rem and co πŸ™ Hopefully see you next year πŸ‘‹

@ireaderinokun 10 Nov 2023

Having a lovely first time at #ffconf ! Such a well curated and cozy conference πŸ₯°

@FINOkoye 12 Nov 2022

Back home from a wonderful two days in Brighton thanks to @ffconf and the fantastic organisers @rem and @Julieanne

Learned so much, got inspired, made new friends, finally got to see some old ones in 4D! πŸ˜‚ Such a great event, so much care and soul put into it.

β€˜Til next year!

@Loftio 12 Nov 2022

I don't really have enough words to express my gratitude to @rem and @julie, and all the @ffconf team for making me feel so welcome and looked after.

Meeting new friends and hanging with old friends at was an absolute blast ❀️ cya next year

@trennikt 12 Nov 2022

I need to join all the praise of . Had high expectations and it didn't disappoint (except maybe that it felt over too quickly). So many lovely and interesting people doing good things on the web!

Can't wait for next year ❀️ and for the recordings to come out 😊

@simonleggsays 12 Nov 2022

Had such a blast at @ffconf yesterday. I’m not sure how @rem and @Julieanne manage to fill this conf with such good eggs year after year but they do and they make imo the best all around conf on the scene.

Huge love to the team behind it! I’ll be back next year πŸ’šπŸ’š

@kunmicodes 11 Nov 2022

I've had the best day at 🌟

I've never been to a conference with talks that bring programming and tech into the real world! I'm 100% coming back next year.

Here are some no context highlights from the eclectic mix of talks.

@JamesMikeDavies 11 Nov 2022

has cemented itself as my favourite conference. Thoroughly enjoyed today, thanks again to all who made it possible!

@RichardWestenra 11 Nov 2019

Attending @ffconf in Brighton on ffriday gave me LIFE. I feel energised by getting to hang out with so many lovely ffriends, and having made a ffew new ones. Such a ffantastic event, I hope it never ends :')

@Julieanne 11 Nov 2019

Thank you SO much to our speakers, to our volunteers, to all the delegates, to all our sponsors, to everyone who donated to our scholarship programme...thank you. I am slightly broken, emotionally fragile but my heart is full β™₯️ @ffconf

@ohhelloana 9 Nov 2019

As usual, I had a fantastic time at @ffconf - I genuinely feel so inspired and most importantly feeling confident. It is always a great way to end the year and look forward to what I can do next. Thank you @Julieanne and @rem ❀️ gotta write that blog post ASAP.

@piccalilli_ 9 Nov 2019

I’m on the train home after a marvellous time at

A good conference like that is such a massive morale boost which I definitely needed.

It was so expertly curated and organised by @Julieanne and @rem.

I’m all conferenced out for this year now, with a full heart.

@frontendbeast 9 Nov 2019

Had such a great day @ffconf yeaterday, it’s the only conference I’ll sign up to without knowing who will be speaking because I have absolute trust that @rem and @Julieanne will put on an amazing day. Can’t wait for next year!

@a_adewusi 9 Nov 2019

Thank you @rem @Julieanne for inviting me to speak at @ffconf and for looking after us speakers with such love and care ❀️ I cannot recommend speaking at more highly! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

@TheBeykar 8 Nov 2019

@ffconf fantastic day! Diverse interesting talks by some very clever people. Big well done to the team who organised it. Left feeling

@lil_natw 8 Nov 2019

Turned out you can organise a diverse conference finding enough women to speak and without having to *teach* women and minorities how to send CFP. kudos again for being the best ❀️

@ffconf 8 Nov 2019

So happy to see a group of runners going out for our first pre conf run. Thank you @chetbox @mattbee 🎽

@seb_ly 19 Nov 2018

All my photos are now on Flickr β€¦ congrats to @rem and @Julieanne for pulling it off again!

@lisi_linhart 10 Nov 2018

My heart is so full after an amazing . Conferences like this wouldn't be possible without passionate organizers like @Julieanne & @rem. Thank you so much for having me and making our web communities better πŸ’ž

@narenz 10 Nov 2018

As a web developer I couldn't have asked for anything more. you not just talk about diversity and inclusivity you also put them in action. Every topic and speaker were unique and diverse. Thanks for making me a better developer. Hopefully I will make it to next one.

@ThisIsJoFrank 10 Nov 2018

Speaking at the last two days has been such a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you so much for building such an inclusive, friendly event and community @rem and @Julieanne! Thank you everyone who came and spoke to me. It means the world to this little ball of anxiety πŸ¦„πŸ’–

@DvBerzon 9 Nov 2018

Thanks to all the speakers and organisers at . It was brilliant, thought provoking hysterically funny at times and a great demonstration of what a lovely community of front end technologists we have.

@VonageDev 9 Nov 2018

Thank you for going strong for 10 years! We loved being here this week, really happy we could support this conference

@CarolSaysThings 9 Nov 2018

Love @miss_jwo's talk! So many practical tips and advice on how to run inclusive events and spaces. Makes me feel I definitely chose the right industry πŸ™ƒ

@herannuen 8 Nov 2018

Attended in 2016 thanks to @rem and @julieanne's scholarship. The inspirational speakers and welcoming community were a big part of giving me the confidence to keep coding, attend bootcamp and become a developer. Cheers guys, hope everyone has a great time @ffconf 😊

@ahsana_x 12 Nov 2017

Had such a fantastic time in Brighton for . Huge thanks to @rem & @Julieanne for awarding me a diversity scholarship to attend. So thankful for the opportunity and I learnt so much. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’―πŸ’–

@electric_g 11 Nov 2017

So, was awesome. I saw pretty much all the talks twice and I never got bored. I had really interesting conversations at the after parties with people I've never met before.

@deanholden 10 Nov 2017

Almost home after a fantastic day once again at . A great atmosphere as usual and another set of inspiring speakers.Thanks to @rem and @Julieanne for putting it all together :)

@bjfletcher 10 Nov 2017

has just, in a single day, changed me as person β€” we can become good tech friends of so many more people than I had thought! πŸ’› Made possible thanks to dazzling captioning by @whitecoatcapxg 😍

@jameswragg 6 Jul 2016

Practical, inspiring & progressive - its rare a tech conference delivers on all of them but @ffconf pulls it off. Quality gig πŸ‘Œ

@jamesdacosta 9 Nov 2015

@rem Last Friday was my first - was blown away by the quality and variety of talks. Fantastic achievement from the conf team!

@johnkpaul 8 Nov 2015

As I head home, Thank you, again to @rem, @Julieanne and the volunteers for @ffconf. Incredible event and I felt incredibly taken care of.

@lil_natw 7 Nov 2015

Not sure how many junios went to but I feel honoured to be one of them.Great conference & superb inspiring talks!Bring it on ff2016

@rmehner 6 Nov 2015

is a wrap: what a truly inspirational event with so many interesting topics. Glad that I finally was able to attend.

@annashipman 6 Nov 2015

was absolutely brilliant. Thanks all!

@helau64 6 Nov 2015

Really impressed with the diversity of speakers at πŸ‘Œ

@ErisDS 8 Nov 2014

Back home & wondering where to start with all the inspiration I got whilst at . Thank you @Julieanne & @rem for an excellent day.

@davymacca 7 Nov 2014

Yes! was amazing. Had an inspiring day listening to awesome people, taking about super interesting stuff. Almost too good.

@philnash 7 Nov 2014

Fantastic set of speakers, interesting and exciting topics, great day at @ffconf. Thanks and congratulations to @rem and @Julieanne!

@prisca_eyedea 8 Nov 2013

must be the most comfy seats of any conference I attended - so glad I finally made it - \m/

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