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Making things with Maths

Talk description

For years the web has been happy playing in the sandbox that was the browser, locked away from all the things that native apps could do. But now we've grown up, and we have WebGL, Canvas, Web Audio, Media Capture and more. To really exploit this power, we have to step outside the comfort zone of text-oriented publishing and engage with the full field of computer engineering.

Maths are an essential part of this. While for most people, maths inspires dread, it's the most powerful tool we have, and the most flexible lego set you can get your hands on. In this talk I want to show you some clever mathematical machines, and what the pieces inside are doing. In a browser, naturally. And while true mathematicians will frown at the clear disregard for rigorous derivation, I think my way is more fun.

About Steven Wittens

Steven Wittens is a wannabe demo scener, recreational mathematician and maker of webs front and back who desperately wants the browser to become a real boy already.

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