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High performance browser games

Talk description

Graphically intensive and fast paced browser games written in pluginless JavaScript largely do not exist yet, for a very specific reason – performance issues.

Only recently, browser engines started to give us enough quirks and hacks to power full motion graphics, animation and real time interaction. With unprecedented depth, you'll learn why Canvas isn't the obvious choice, why you should write JavaScript in front- and backend, why HTML5 really is just a buzzword and how to leverage CSS hardware accelerated to create true platform independent games. Dive in to the world of JavaScript gaming!

About Paul Bakaus

Paul is the CTO of the browser game startup Dextrose AG, as well as a jQuery team member and his corporate work mostly focusses on UX, UI and tricky JavaScript challenges. He is well known in the JavaScript community for having created the popular user interface framework jQuery UI, where he was the driving force behind many of its plugins.

In 2010, he finally decided itβ€˜s time for a long envisioned challenge – delivering the first commercial game engine for the web, running pluginless in web browsers. In addition to his main work, he enjoys his well booked speaking engagements at various conferences around the world. His favorite topics cover innovative user interfaces and experiences, JavaScript wisdom and of course, jQuery.

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