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ES6 Uncensored

Talk description

The latest JavaScript standard is just around the corner and language enthusiasts are already salivating over all the new toys coming their way. But, be warned, there are best practice zealots waiting in the wings, ready to re-label the fun parts as The Bad Parts and ruin the party. This time let's get a head start on them.

With copious examples drawing on various novel, weird and wacky combinations of upcoming features, I'll show you how to go wild with ES6 and, in the process, demonstrate that play is healthy and censorship is regressive.

About Angus Croll

Angus is a displaced Brit who now works for Twitter's web platform team in San Francisco, and is one of the principal authors and maintainers of Twitter's Flight web framework. He's obsessed with JavaScript and literature in equal measure, and is a passionate advocate for the greater involvement of artists and creative thinkers in software.

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