History of ffconf

Who is ffconf?

This conference was created by Remy and Julie Sharp. Working together with complementing skills, Julie plans and coordinates all the event logistics and Remy curates the content and works on marketing.

Julie and Remy Sharp smiling at the camera

Previous years

Each year of ffconf has had it's own visual theme and own unique logo design. They're all still hosted and each year can be visited below.

Our logos, so far…

Who else was involved?

Over the years different people have been involved to help either creatively or on the day to ensure our event is safe and successful. Here's some of those special volunteers that have helped on multiple years and contributed to making ffconf amazing.

Ask us anything

This page is a work in progress, but if you have a question about how some aspect of ffconf came about, please don't hesitate to ping or DM us on Twitter: @ffconf or individually at @rem and @julieanne.

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