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Revealing our speakers 🗣️(2/4)

Continuing with the speaker reveals, let's meet our next two amazing individuals.

As I talked about last week, the curation process for events is extremely important to me, and this year, every single speaker has been individually sought out and asked if they can address a specific topic.

Our next two speakers are Jo Franchetti and Michaela Lehr.

I see ffconf having an important part in sharing knowledge and experience, but then once you go back to your day job, it's your job to pass on that inspiration. Jo Franchetti will talk to use about being better mentors, using Jo's own personal experiences from being a self-taught developer and importantly how mentoring is more than just passing on knowledge.

Next I'd like to introduce Michaela Lehr who I approached to speak about WebVR and WebAR, better known as WebXR. This may not be applicable to my day-to-day job, but it's important to know what the browser is capable of, and creatively it's brilliant what such a readily available interface can do. Michaela is going to give us a tour of what can be done with today's libraries and today's JavaScript.

One of our sponsors, Mozilla has some really great demos on their WebVR blog:

You can follow our speakers on twitter, and please say "Hi":

More speakers soon!

I'll be in touch again soon with more speakers and why and what they're speaking about. I can assure you that ffconf v10 is going to be a great day of speakers, a superb range of content and the chance to meet like-minded webby people.

And grab your ticket today! (Friday sold out) Thursday tickets available.

Until next time,

– Remy (& Julie) 👋

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