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Revealing our speakers 🗣️(1/4)

With ffconf nearing, it's time to time to start talking about who's talking.

You can get your Friday (sold out) Thursday ticket today

As I talked about last week, the curation process for events is extremely important to me, and this year, every single speaker has been individually sought out and asked if they can address a specific topic.

The first two speakers I'd like to introduce you to are Lisi Linhart and Willian Martins.

Lisi is speaking about Web Animation. It was when I saw this beautiful animation that Lisi had created (below), and then spotted that it was a web animation (from the description) it blew my mind as to how seamless and smooth it all ran. I personally still shy away from the animation APIs because I've really no idea what's involved.

Willian is bringing us all up to speed with the next JavaScript specifications. What's coming next. I'm sure a number of you live in Babel-Land covered by the fabled Mount Webpack, but for the rest of us, this kind of syntax needs some introduction:


So Willian is going to give us a guided tour of what's coming next.

You can follow our speakers on twitter, and please say "Hi":

So grab your ticket today: (Friday sold out) Thursday tickets available

Sponsorship of ffconf is extremely important to the running of the event, and Beamly has joined us at the platinum level to support ffconf (which in turn helps make the event great for you). Here's a little about them:

Beamly is proud to support this year's ffconf, one of THE best curated conferences in the UK. We believe there's nothing better than the power of community bringing together top speakers, inspiring work and a buzzing environment.

As a fast-growing Marketing Technology company working with global brands, we bring together Product & Engineering with an integrated digital agency under one vision.

Currently we are looking for systems engineers, full-stack JS developers, back-end python engineers and more. If you're interested in doing high-profile work, using the latest technologies & delivering data driven consumer experiences, check out our Careers page here & get in touch.

More speakers soon!

I'll be in touch again soon with more speakers and why and what they're speaking about. I can assure you that ffconf v10 is going to be a great day of speakers, a superb range of content and the chance to meet like-minded webby people.

Until next time,

– Remy (& Julie) 👋

From 2017, Addy Osmani on using real analysis to measure web site performance 💻⚡️

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