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Location, location, location 🏠

Where you run your event is (or should be) intentional. FFConf has two very special, and intentional locations. Two locations that I care about very much:

  1. Duke of York's Picturehouse
  2. Brighton, UK

After the first few years of FFConf, when we started selling out very quickly, people would often ask myself and Julie whether we were going to go to a bigger venue. At the time, I believe we could have (reasonably) easily grown the event to hold 600, maybe 800 people in a bigger venue, but it just wouldn't have the same personality and absolutely amazing feel of the Duke of York's.

The cinema was opened on 22 September 1910, and the structure is largely the same (including the balcony box that some of you clever folks find!). Not only is our venue historic, beautiful and pioneering, but it boasts to be one of the most comfortable venues!

People tweeting about our comfy sofas

Then there's Brighton itself. Brighton is an amazing little city, I think, punching well above it's weight. We could run our event in London and appeal to more of the big city corporates, but Brighton is my home town and an extremely welcoming, open and diverse city.

The city has many many digital business here ranging from large to small. Although our event is just one day (though, remember, repeated twice!), there's lots of opportunities to head down here for visits or even pick up a new job or career in Brighton.

In particular, two of our sponsors based in Brighton (well…one is 15 minutes outside, but close enough that we'll let them off) have open job opportunities.

ProdPad is looking for both front end developers, and backend developers with JavaScript and Node experience to work on their slick product management product: find out more here

Amex (American Express) - their UK engineering team is hiring a full range of positions with the chance to make a digital difference to massive audience of customers. Amex are supporters of open source, and in particular have created their own "inner source" environment to promote the sharing of code internally in support their own technology solutions Find out more here

So, come join us down in sunny (and yes, often rainy) Brighton!

From 2013, Brighton's own Mr Jeremy Keith his words on the web and time ⏲❤️

And before you go, here's a few final words from our local sponsors:

ProdPad -

Based in Brighton, the ProdPad team are building a product that's used by thousands of product managers. It's the only product management software that supports the complete product journey. ProdPad is built by product people who are dedicated to challenging the way that amazing products are built. They're constantly striving for the best product management practices and aren't afraid of trying amazing new things to improve the product for their customers. If this sounds as exciting to you as it does to them, then check out the awesome development roles they have available.

American Express -

ffconf18 is one of the most exciting JavaScript events in Europe and American Express is proud to return as a sponsor for the second time.

A strategic imperative for our company is to make Amex an essential part of our customers' digital lives, by bringing continuous innovation to our existing offerings, and developing new products and services to meet the emerging needs of customers … and technology underpins everything we do. As a company with many lines of business, we develop groundbreaking technology for a global audience.

Our UK engineering team, based in Burgess Hill (near Brighton in the UK) works side-by-side with our product colleagues to deliver solutions for our customers. We employ modern software development practices and tools, using long-range strategic plans and product roadmaps to inform our PIs and product backlogs. We encourage open source contributions, and we've created an "inner source" environment to promote the sharing of code internally in support of our technology solutions. We believe top tech talent is key to our success, and we're always looking for people with new perspectives and top-notch skills to help us capitalise on growth opportunities.

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