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First speaker revealed and new web site

Another year and another awesome website design from Chris Mahon and built by Remy (live streamed but already lost to the Twitch void). The design was inspired by binge watching The Morning Show, we are thinking bright pink ffconf t-shirts…?!

Take a look for yourself: (and get your tickets)

We are so incredibly excited to introduce the first of our 8 speakers:

Who: Kimberley Cook

What: 0 - 25,000 people! Growing a global community over 10 years

Kimberley is Director and Trustee of codebar, an organisation which we have admired over the years and worked with the Brighton chapter on our scholarship programme.

You can visit Kimberley's web site, or help her raise money for Codebar as she plans to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

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🤔 What's next?

Announcing soon: A talk on AI and accessibility - what's the reality?

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We have some fantastic sponsorship opportunities available with significant visibility during the event. One example is our famous ice-cream sponsorship, which includes featuring your branding on our ice-cream cartons and exposure through photos and direct engagement with attendees.

We also have our inclusion sponsorship positions, allowing your company to support our scholarship program, which reserves 10% of the event attendance for marginalised groups by providing tickets, travel, and accommodation - a meaningful cause to be associated with.

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We'll be in touch soon with more of the speakers and our CFP remains open until all slots are confirmed.

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