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🍿 Imposter Syndrome & The AI Dark Forest

The first of our talks from ffconf 2023 are now available to watch online.

The ffconf 2023 playlist

First is Amber Shand's Imposter syndrome, overworking, and working environments, who describes their talk with:

Dealing with imposter syndrome, perfectionism and building a growth mindset - this talk is essentially a survival guide on how to cope when we feel inferior in the tech space where we're surrounded by people doing incredible things both in and outside of work time.

Next was Maggie Appleton on The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI who says:

The web is already an eerily lifeless place filled with automated predators like bots, advertisers, clickbait attention-grabbers, SEO-optimisers, and angry twitter mobs - and they now have a generative AI hammer to swing. When language models can churn out millions of human-like words, images, and videos in seconds, what happens to human creation and connection on the web?

We'll be announcing the next set of videos in two days and then the remainder next week - so look out for that!

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