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Scholarship in 2023


ffconf has been running a full scholarship programme since 2015 and this year we continue to do so.

Scholarships are available for anyone in an under-represented group in tech. This includes (but is not limited to): people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, people who identify as women and people with disabilities.

We've seen so many individuals come through our programme and many of them share how it helped them:

The inspirational speakers and welcoming community were a big part of giving me the confidence to keep coding, attend bootcamp and become a developer. Cheers, hope everyone has a great time @ffconf 😊

We still have a few places available and applications close on October 13th, so please apply today, travel and hotel expenses are covered for individuals who need it.

How you can help

Financial support is the starting place - because it allows us to create a sustainable budget for the scholarship scheme:

  1. Your company can sponsor ffconf under our scholarship sponsor package.
  2. You, or your company can donate towards our scholarship fund. For example, £300 would cover a ticket, £1,000 can help 3 individuals and cover their travel and hotel.
  3. You can actively spread the word about our scholarship programme (either to support it or for individuals to benefit from it).

One of ffconf's core values is to help change the face of the web industry - to pull in those people from marginalised communities and to drastically reduce the barrier to entry. Doing this year on year, partly supported through our scholarship programme, I believe, helps to normalise a diverse web community.

Scholarship sponsors

Legal & General have supported our scholarship programme again this year, and as you've read their support is highly valued, please take a moment to read their message:

We're delighted to announce that Legal & General will once again be sponsoring this year's ffconf. We'll be offering scholarships so we can ensure that the brightest young minds from a variety of backgrounds are able to contribute to crucial conversations about the future of the web.

We have first-hand experience of this event and, as a result, we're delighted to partner with ffconf. We're proud to work alongside the organisers to make sure this year's conference is the most successful so far!

You can find out more about Legal & General here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, again: creating a diverse web community is incredibly important to us and this is just one of the places where we can (all) have a direct impact.

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