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Revealing our speakers (3/4)

Nearly there with everyone unveiled, we'd like to proudly announce the next two speakers of our eight speaker line up.

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Photo of Ire Aderinokun and Jonathan Fielding

Ire Aderinokun: Future proof CSS

Ire's origin story: I was a little too obsessed with Neopets as a teenager and had to build the best profile page. Once I started down that rabbit hole I was hooked!

Remy invited Ire to talk because under this CSS-centric title, there's some really useful and important messages about accessibility. Ire has also created a very thorough resource for web developers on Notion called Frontend Developer Learning Guide - even if you're seasoned, check it out.

Jonathan Fielding: Embracing Neurodiversity in Tech: Building Empathy, Unveiling Strengths

Jonathan's origin story: Escaping from an after school club I found my way back to my classroom where a student teacher showed me BASIC on a Acorn.

Jonathan has been a long time regular of ffconf - so much so, he's even managed to bag himself a coveted ffconf t-shirt. Take a moment to check out his website too.

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Read Remy's blog post on the real impact of sponsorship on small events like ffconf.

We're half way, look out for the next two speakers in the coming days, and do let us know via our socials (Mastodon or Twitter) whether you'd already guessed any of our lovely speakers.

– Remy & Julie 👋

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