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Revealing our speakers (2/4)

Continuing with the unmasking, we'd like to proudly announcing the next two speakers of our eight speaker line up.

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Photo of Steven Goodwin and Angela Ricci

Steven Goodwin: Ada Lovelace and The Very First Computer Program

Steven's origin story: I have been involved in computing, science, and technology since the family computer, a Sinclair ZX81, moved in with me to become my first piece of domesticated hardware.

Who doesn't love a bit of computing history!? On that, Steven has also been writing a book that Remy had backed in 2021.

Angela Ricci: We need to talk about the front web

Angela's origin story: I fell into a cauldron of a magic potion called the web, when it was still cooking. Since then, web technologies became my super power for designing new interfaces.

Remy had the pleasure of working with Angela in 2013 and in 2019 both times at CERN to recreate some of the first web browsers in the world.

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We have some fantastic sponsorship opportunities available with significant visibility during the event. Example options are our ice-cream sponsorship, which includes featuring your branding on our ice-cream cartons and exposure through photos and direct engagement with attendees.

We also have our inclusion sponsorship slot, allowing your company to support our scholarship program, which reserves 10% of event spaces for marginalised groups by providing tickets, travel, and accommodation - a meaningful cause to be associated with.

We're half way, look out for the next two speakers in the coming days, and do let us know via our socials (Mastodon or Twitter) whether you'd already guessed any of our lovely speakers.

– Remy & Julie 👋

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