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Revealing our speakers (1/4)

As promised we'll start pulling up the curtain on our speakers now that all the content and sessions are in place.

Maybe you wonder why we've obscured our speakers at launch like this for so many years?

ffconf sets the focus on the content of the conference, over the individual speakers… the greater good and all that. It shows the strength of ffconf as a content driven event πŸ’ͺ

🎟️ πŸ‘‰ You can still buy a ticket today too.

Without further ado, let us introduce the first of our speakers.

Photo of Maggie Appleton and Amber Shand

Amber Shand: Imposter syndrome, overworking, and working environments

Amber's origin story: I was told that because I didn't have a Computer Science degree, I wouldn't be able to learn how to code, I didn't listen and I'm now a multi award software engineer, keynote speaker and consultant

Amber has lots of links worth exploring, so we'll point you straight to Amber's about pages, do explore.

Maggie Appleton: The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI

Maggie's origin story: Built an elaborate Neopets page using only the HTML <table> element for positioning and layout. Graduated to maximalist design aesthetics and animated cursors with CSS on MySpace.

Check out Maggie's web site, Remy found the patterns section particularly interesting.

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We have some fantastic sponsorship opportunities available with significant visibility during the event. Example options are our ice-cream sponsorship, which includes featuring your branding on our ice-cream cartons and exposure through photos and direct engagement with attendees.

We also have our inclusion sponsorship slot, allowing your company to support our scholarship program, which reserves 10% of event spaces for marginalised groups by providing tickets, travel, and accommodation - a meaningful cause to be associated with.

That's all for this time. We'll be in touch soon with the unmasking of the next speakers. Have you guessed any of them yet?!

– Remy & Julie πŸ‘‹

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