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🍿 Digital exclusion in healthcare & The Day Disco

Our final round of talks from ffconf 2022 are now live.

The ffconf 2022 playlist

Sareh Heidari starts us out with Digital exclusion in healthcare & how to change it, asking questions that perhaps we've not considered:

So you don't need to take a whole morning off for a doctor's appointment - great! Using tech for healthcare can speed up so many interactions & some changes are here to stay. But who is excluded when options are digital-first? What can we do to ensure the health of the most vulnerable in society is improved and not hindered by our rush to web-first tech?

Finally, to close our day was Ruth John with her Day Disco who declared!

Welcome to your obligatory ffconf browser disco! This talk will cover the current state of media APIs and what's coming next.

And that's it. All our talks are live and available to watch online - or if you're into the audio, these are also available in our archive

As for us, we're taking a break for the Christmas holidays and we'll be rebooting our ffconf brains in January to start prep'ing for ffconf 2023!

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