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🍿 Yarn & a greener world from behind the keyboard

Our penultimate round of videos, the start of our afternoon back in November are now online and available to watch here:

The ffconf 2022 playlist

We returned with Lily Madar's Programming with Yarn

Crochet and other yarn crafts can be viewed as a form of programming. Without realising it, crocheters interpret their own patterns, thus becoming "computers". This talk explores the analogies between a craft and what we know of programming.

Then was Natalia Waniczek on Working towards a greener world from behind the keyboard who says:

In what ways tech is affecting the environment & climate change? We'll discuss processes which devs can use in their work to create a greener web and implementable systematic changes within an organisation that'd make a positive impact on the world.

The last part of our day will be published later this week and I hope you're able to work your way through our amazing talks.

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