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🍿 Design for Developers & This Talk is Under Construction

The next round of our ffconf talks are now available, the morning segment is now online to watch here:

The ffconf 2022 playlist

First we have Lex Lofthouse's Design for Developers, with lots of useful tips and describe's their talk with:

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the magical secrets of UI design (trust me, they're no secret at all!), get ready for a tour of fundamental design principles, the building blocks of a successful design and how we put that all together to create something beautiful!

Then was Sophie Koonin on This Talk is Under Construction: a love letter to the personal website who says:

This is a nostalgic look back at the evolution of personal websites, and a look forward to how we can recreate this magic today. It's a manifesto for building something just for the fun of it, and a call to tell your story on your own platform.

In the next few days we'll be releasing the rest of the day's talks, so look out for our next posts or get it first to your inbox through our newsletter.

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