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More tickets, more speakers

Hello and welcome to October.

There's just over a month to go for ffconf 2022, and the first order of this newsletter is to tell you a handful of tickets have been released!

That's right, if you missed out now's your chance, but be quick, our venue has limited capacity so tickets are very restricted.

You can also see our 7 confirmed talks and I'm aiming to add the last this week.

If you can't make it, but would love to learn, we'll also be freely releasing the videos from the talks after the event - so look out for that.

Finally, I wanted to share an amazing resource from our top sponsor Google:

If you've not used before, it's packed with articles on new technology that's landing in the browser, explainers and many examples of how to use web tech.

So take advantage of the latest modern technologies to build amazing web experiences for everyone. From courses to patterns, get best practices for building for the modern web by the Google Chrome team:


That's it for this week, and once The Mighty Eight (speakers) are up, I'll start revealing who these fine individuals are.

Thanks 👋

- Remy & Julie

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