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๐Ÿ’ผ๐ŸŽฎ Jobs, blogs, videos, chat and the game

What an amazing day we all had last Friday. I'm writing up my own thoughts on my blog and I'm hoping to see and share other people's experience of the day.


Before the conference, Chetan Padia got in touch to ask whether we posted jobs, and whether he could build something for us. I got ahead of myself and wrote the whole thing in an evening. This is a (currently) free to list service which we (Julie and I) will manually moderate and approve.

You can view and submit jobs at


For those who came to the event last week, don't forget to blog about your experience at ffconf for your chance for a free ticket to 2023. You can either send these to or post a tweet or a toot with #ffconf and we'll pick it up.

If you didn't come to the event and/or don't have a blog, Sophie Koonin gave a great talk on why you should have a personal web site - so catch our video of her talk when it comes out.

On that noteโ€ฆ


We filmed all the talks, and Rosie, our videographer has made a start on editing the first of the talks. The whole process takes a little while as there's edit, upload and captions to be added before they're ready, but we'll be doing rolling releases of the videos freely on YouTube (this will be in separate newsletters).


We have a discord channel for chat but it's not meant for just the event. I'll be in there year-round and you're welcome to join.

It's a place for web people, code questions, hardware questions, pet photos and anything you want to make of it.

The Game

You might have caught wind of it on Twitter, but as a gift, I decided to refurbish original Gameboys and make a game for the speakers, featuring the speakers. The tool I used also happens to output a web compatible version, so you can play this yourself if you want at (you can also download the ROM if you have an emulator or your own hardware).

(If you on desktop, keys are: Z, X, enter and cursor keys)

Gameboy with ffconf game

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