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2020 🤔 😷 😢

In another dimension we would be emailing you right now with our excitement about ffconf 2020. Except in our reality, the pandemic has put a very real stop to events all around the world, and ffconf is no exception.

Whilst we appreciate there's many events that are running virtual conferences, both Julie and I have discussed this at great length and it always comes down to the simple fact that ffconf is an event about and for people. Although ffconf runs under the guise of a tech conference, it's really about connecting humans (through the power of the web).

It's for that reason that there is no ffconf this year – if you hadn't already guessed 😃

We're wary that we had been quiet during lockdown. There's definitely guilt about not saying anything officially whilst at the same time we know that everyone else is in the same boat as us (or similar-ish boats): there's trying to navigate work (of what's left), kids (having 6 months at home is no small thing) and trying to stay mentally healthy (whilst eating all the chocolate I/Remy can lay my hands on).

So, for now, there's no ffconf 2020. It would have taken place on Friday 13th to boot - so I can imagine there's a couple of you relieved. We're already discussing ffconf 2021 and have a date: 12th November, 2021.

I hope, genuinely, that society is back in a place where we can come together, but the reality is that we'll keep checking what our government is saying and plan accordingly.

Otherwise, stay safe, keep washing those hands, wearing those face masks, doing some exercises - both physically and mentally - and know that Julie and I miss your smiling faces.

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– Remy & Julie ❤️

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