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It's not over yet!

What an amazing day last Friday was - thank you so much for being part of our event ❤️

We wanted to let you know that there's still ffconf in the air. Our videographer, has the video for editing and we've got a rough release date of early December - so you'll hear from us as soon as they start going live.

However, all the audio from the talks are online on our archive site (we have slides from 5/8 of our speakers too):

Trys Mudford took amazing photos throughout the day which you can find here:

Finally, remember to get to blogging, it can be a round up, it can be a particular talk you liked, it can (and should) be entirely about you and your experiences. Send us your post links, we'll read every single one of them and we'll pick two at random for a free ticket to ffconf 2020 (we'll pick the winners next Friday - 22 Nov and currently there's only 3 eligible posts - so you've got a good chance!).

We'll be in touch again with links to the videos.

– Remy & Julie

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